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BinS Software & ERP Solutions has developed a number of products and MIS applications for its clients in this service. Our mature software development processes, combined with excellent infrastructure have significantly increased the ” on-time and on-budget ” delivery of software in the offshore mode. We use a highly effective IMPACT Methodology for offshore and distributed software development. Our services begin from analysis , moving through designing , development , testing and implementation to maintenance . Our applications come in all sizes, be it a one- table database , or a massive client -server application . The creation of complete database applications is yet anotherfield that we specialize in.

We offered

Interactive Application Development
Custom Application Development/ Maintenance
MIS and ERP Solutions & Support

1. Application Development

Interactive Application Development (IAD) is about harmonizing art with technology. This business division of BinS Software & ERP Solution complements the client's requirement for online and desktop applications - be it a workgroup solution or mailing platform. It adds a further arc to the circle of 'Net Totality'.

A strong team of software professionals empowers the application development capability at iAD, BinS Software & ERP Solutions. The applications developed range from web stores, online service retailing to enterprise information systems. Our competencies in .Net technologies, ASP, XML, PHP, ORACLE APEX, and C/C++ are demonstrated in various network-based applications. SQL / Oracle database engines support most of these applications.

It is a well-known fact that some of the ready-made, packaged applications have failed to meet the requirements of the customers because of their unique needs and differing business practices and processes. In addition, the prohibitive cost of implementing a packaged application and the maintenance thereafter becomes an unwelcome perspective. We have experienced I.T. Consultants for Project analysis, formulation, and concept planning, right up to project management and installation.

We develop customized Software that is completely based on user's requirement with GUI(graphical user-friendly interface) on any of the mentioned platform / languages.

We offer customized low-cost solutions to industries based on open standards, contemporary technologies, and maintenance support. While incorporating the best business practices, we do take special care of the customer's requirements.

ERP Solutions include the development of software in a distributed model, with some phases of the project being conducted on-site and others being conducted offshore. Each phase is uniquely defined and executed. After unit and system testing the product is then sent to the client for acceptance testing. We have satisfied customers find the solutions user-friendly, flexible, and comprehensive.

2. Reengineering

Reengineering is on the agenda of many companies in different industries. Striving to improve business processes to better meet customer requirements, Business Re-engineering initiatives aim at revolutionizing key performance criteria, such as cost, delivery, and quality. As this is a top management issue we ensure that the structure, the workplace contents, the information technology in use, and the culture of the organization will successfully assimilate the improved processes.

To tackle hard and soft barriers and make the re-engineering process a success we make sure that following steps are taken in each project:

Diagnosing resistance to change
Managing individual change
Coaching tools and techniques for helping employees navigate the change process
Implement work teams and case managers extensively throughout the organization.
We believe creative thinking cannot be replaced with software tools and stay away from over-sophistication
Build learning, renewal, and short feedback loops into business processes.
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